I am obsessed with the RAM 1500…

The truck that I have always wanted since I was six years old, particularly because it’s the first vehicle I remember my dad having, is the RAM 1500. The new versions of this truck coming out are even more beautiful than the predecessors. The fuel economy for the RAM truck is getting even better and better. Now it has the best fuel economy in the industry. I was always obsessed with how the truck is already lifted by default. Chrysler is very generous with their packages for the truck, there are so many interior features that come with the truck. It definitely has gotten more reliable over the years and the suspension is just flawless; it doesn’t even ride like a truck. It’s like a hover board.


2 thoughts on “I am obsessed with the RAM 1500…”

  1. Hello. I am somewhat of an armature when it comes to trucks. Can you please clarify what you mean when you say, “lifted by default”? Thanks for the help.

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